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About me

joanne de fretes

I had a full-time management job, ran marathons and had a busy social life. My life was a race with no end that was completely managed by my rational mind - totally disconnected from my body and most of all, from myself. When I unexpectedly reached a finish line I realized that there was only one race left to run - the one from my head to my heart.

‘There was only one race left to run – the one from my head to my heart.

This is the beginning of Head to Hearts. With Head to Hearts I guide others back to their heart, back to their essence, in order to live a more fulfilling and balanced life - using both their head and their heart.

active dreaming

During my journey I discovered the power of rest through yoga and lucid dreaming. These practices transformed my (view on) life forever - I live more awake, more aware and navigate through life with more purpose, energy and humor.

I now passionately and uniquely combine these ancient practices together with my psychology degree, corporate background and coaching experience to support people to reconnect with themselves.

Active dreaming will inspire you to relax your mind and awaken your heart so you can move forward with more clarity and ease - using both your head and your heart. Bonus: Feeling rested and rejuvenated so you actually have the energy to enjoy creating your dream life.

I offer (tailor made) workshops and 1 on 1 sessions based on your (company's) specific needs - both in Dutch and English.

Are you ready to wake up to life?

There was only one race left to run, the one from my head, to my heart.