Head to Hearts Essenza Teachers



meet our founder Joanne

Joanne combines her psychology degree, corporate background, coaching experience and love for (dream) yoga to help people nurture their connection between their head and their heart. She specializes in the gentler forms of yoga in order to bring balance & softness into our overly productivity-centered, and therefore often stressful, lifestyles. Joanne creates the space and time needed for people to surrender to the present moment and therefore, become more aware of themselves. She does this in a warm, practical and fun way which suits her down-to-earth-spiritual and enthusiastic personality. Joanne’s passions include yoga nidra, lucid dreaming and everything having to do with the unconscious mind. She combines all of her knowledge and experiences in unique ways with her nidra coaching to allow transformation from deep within. Joanne’s classes and beautifully crafted nidras will inspire you to relax your mind and awaken your heart; to live with more awareness, more compassion, and a little bit more humor so you can play-fully (emphasis on fully) embrace and enjoy all the facets of life.

meet kim

Kim guides you in connecting with yourself from a place of compassion and wholeness. She allows this unfolding to occur in a powerful holistic way, combining her intuition with the knowledge and experience that she has gained throughout the years through a substantial amount of mentoring and training. This includes neuro linguistic programming, yoga, assisted yin, and systemic work. Kim specializes in assisted yin where she combines energy work, coaching and yoga to help you connect with the deeper story that lives inside your physical body. She loves to encourage you to be more open & curious about life in all its realities. During Kim’s sessions, she is able to create a safe space to help you navigate through your inner world, moving through deeper spaces with compassion, to help you connect with yourself. Her classes are deep and playful at the same time, the perfect yin/yang combination. You will definitely feel more connected and energized after working with her.

meet lynn

Lynn is truly a global citizen, combining all of her worldly experiences in health and wellness to empower people to nourish & embody their truth. As an MA in medical anthropology, a perinatal doula, childbirth educator, yoga teacher and newly-inspired integrative health specialist in endocrinology, she is your all-around women’s wellness guru. Lynn’s focus is on bringing health & wellness to all people in accessible and realistic ways. She loves to balance “East” with “West”, holistic methods with research-based approaches and alternative ideas with down-to-earth practices. Oh, and Lynn is also a certified Acroyoga teacher!, which perfectly balances her cerebral interests with her joyful, child-at-heart demeanor. Her classes are both humorous and playful as well as warm and welcoming leaving you feeling much more joyful and kind toward yourself.

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There was only one race left to run, the one from my head, to my heart.